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UFL 2016 : July 26 Match Results

Nomads FC and Green Archers UTD had a close fight on July 26 resulting on a score of (Nomads) 3 - 4 (Green Archers). Nomads FC fought hard with their scorers 19' BINAS, 54' HWANG, and 58' (PK) APPIAH but it was not quite enough. Green Archers UTD's efforts didn't go to waste for they won the clash with their scorers 12' MACAPAL, 64' DOUSTDARSEFIDMAZGI, 85'(PK)EBANDA, and the man of the match 76' #7 ALVIN SARMIENTO.

At the same day, JP Voltes and Agila MSA had a match and ended with JP Voltes overpowering Agila MSA with a score of (JP Voltes)5 - 0(Agila MSA). JP Voltes overwhelmed their opponent with their scorers 9'73' ODAWARA, 14'29' UESATO, and the man of the match 87' #7 YU HOSHIDE.

Lastly, Laos FC and Loyola FC's game ended with Laos being dominated by Loyola with the score of (Laos FC)2 - 13(Loyola FC). Laos FC's scorers 22' GAMBANA, and 58' HAJIMAHDI did not match Loyola FC's will to smash any obstacle on the way. Loyola FC scorers are 1'56' DIZON, the man of the match 15'24'(PK)38'63'84' #10 PHIL YOUNGHUSBAND, 17'50' J.YOUNGHUSBAND, 34'(OG) BASTASA, 41'49'CASTIELLA, and 74' BELGIRA.



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