AFF Suzuki Cup Group A Matchday 2

The Group A of the 2016 AFF Suzuki Cup resumes yesterday with the reigning champions Thailand will take on 4x champions Singapore and the co-hosts Philippines will take on Indonesia.

Thailand 1-0 Singapore

After a successful park the bus tactic by Sundramoothry against the Philippines, Singapore's game plan against Thailand remained the same as they parked the bus for the entire game. Thailand enjoyed most of the possessions of the match, but realistically the best chances of the game came from the Singaporean players who were lethal on their counter-attack plays. The park the bus almost worked for the Lions before they conceded a very late heartbreaking goal in the 89th minute when substitute Sarawut Musuk met the cross of Theerathon inside the box. With the win Thailand are ensured of the semi finals reaction and the top spot of the group

Philippines 2-2 Indonesia

After a disappointing draw against Singapore last game. The Philippines are eager to win this match to put themselves in the great position of advancing in the semi-finals for the 4th consecutive time. However in just the 7th minute they were already behind thanks to a Fachrudin header that bounced past Muller. However since that goal its been the Philippines who are controlling the possession and got a lovely chance with a Manuel Ott shot that just been tipped over the bar. Indonesia also has some wonderful chances on being up 2-0 thanks to their hardworking player Boaz. However Misagh Bahadoran tucked in a wonderful free kick by Shrock to make it 1-1 in halftime. At the second half the Azkals became more attacking oriented and tried to pushed the Indonesians, however that leave gaps in the midfield which gave the Garuda's plenty of chances to make it 2-1 and it happen in the 68th minute with Boaz Solossa reacted first on the the rebound after the ball hit the post. The Garuda's are on their way on a great victory until in the 82nd minute when Phil Younhusband scored a superb free kick that curled away from the keeper. Despite the result being a disappointed one for a Philippine perspective. As a neutral viewer this is the right result for the game as both teams pushed hard to score a goal.