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Kevin Love Thinks he Won't be Traded Plus Who is Yogi?

Kevin Love maybe having one of the best seasons with the Cavs but his body has been plagued and is just giving up on him which prevented him from performing to his full potential. That being said, Will Cavs gamble keeping a guy like him where they can get a much more robust player like Melo? As you know, there are rumors circulating that Kevin Love will be traded to Carmelo Anthony.

youtube video by: NBA Skyline

Starting off with Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell beasting 
01:35 - LeBron touches on the media and Phil Jackson's disrespect in regards to Melo 
04:44 - Kevin Love and Coach Lue talk trade rumors and team issues 

Not so long ago the Mavericks were in the news for one particular reason only - how much they sucked. A month or two later they're in the news again - this time it's the exact opposite, first it was Seth Curry firing up, showing promise. Now it's Yogi Ferrell, a 10 day contract that was amazing for the Mavs, they went 4 - 0 with him playing, he averaged 37.5 minutes, no fear, just beast mode. Standing at only 6ft, which is of course short for the NBA, he set a rookie record, hit 9 threes against Portland... just crazy all around for a dude that doesn't even play in the NBA to come in a bottom team and dominate in this manner right off the bat. Insane. Following that up with LBJ getting hit with some touchy questions and finishing things off with Kevin Love and Tyronn Lue talking trade rumors, Love's back healing up...Hopefully that will be the last of the issues that have hit the Cavaliers in the past month or two. - NBA Skyline



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