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LeBron Finally Gets His Point Guard in Deron Williams

LeBron Finally Get's His Point Guard in Deron Williams

These days, teams are hard to understand and I am sure there is a perfect reason for their moves but it's just really been a crazy trade season so far.

With Cousins now playing for New Orleans what other surprising moves could there be? Probably nothing would top that but only time will tell now.

The Dallas Mavericks is not having a great season this year and it looks like they are making a move as well in preparation for next season I guess, as they let go of veteran all star Deron Williams.

Deron Williams is still a decent basketball player averaging 13 points and 6 assist and with a satisfactory field goal percentage at 43%. A regular team would keep a player like this in their roster but not Mavs.

The Dallas Mavericks waived the 13 year veteran today paving the way for the Cavalier roster to sign him. LeBron James has been vocal about his request of a play maker and  looks like he is going to get it just in the nick of time.

Let's see the best plays of Deron Williams.



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