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NBA All-Star Festival in Philippines Details,Who is the NBA Legend Attending?

For Those who can't go to New Orleans for the NBA All-star weekend, the closest you can get to the NBA action is at Bonifacio High street activity center. BTV and Globe brings to you the NBA All-Star Festival from February 18 to 19, 10 am to 7pm. Check out the details below. 


About the Event!

The 2017 NBA All Star is finally here! And what better way to welcome the game’s most anticipated event than with a weekend filled with buckets and baskets of fun at the #GlobePHNBA All-Star Festival. Brought to you by Basketball TV and Globe, the event features exciting activities open to everyone, and with amazing prizes to boot. Now who’s ready to score that #WinningMoment?


February 18, 10AM to 7PM

Viewing party of the NBA All Star Rising Stars
3-point shootout
Skills challenge
NBA Legend meet and greet
Hip Hop dance performance
2-ball competition
Free throw shooting competition

February 19, 9AM to 7PM

Viewing party of the NBA All Star Rising Stars
3 on 3 competition
NBA Legend meet and greet
3 on 3 competition and awarding


• All interested participants will have to register on-site during the event starting 9am for both Feb 18 and 19 (No Joining Fee)
• Console to be used will be Sony Playstation 4 and Game will be NBA 2K17
• We can have at most 64 players in one day, and format will be a single elimination format.
• All interested players should be 18 years old and above
• Players can only choose from the 30 NBA teams (No Legends, All Star teams, etc.) with current rosters. They can have the option to change teams as they progress in the tournament.
• There will be a toss coin if 2 players pick the same team and also use toss coin to determine the home & away team.
• Length per quarter will be set to 3 minutes. For the quarterfinals – semi finals and finals, it will be set to 5 minutes.
• No brining of own controllers or other PS4 additional equipment
• Players who are eliminated can no longer join the tournament on the same day.
• All Setting and Camera View will be set to default
• Skill Level is Superstar
• Fatigue and Injuries will be turn On
• Competition Style will be set to Analog (real mode)>
• Shooting/Free-throw type: User Timing
• Game Speed/Free Throw Difficulty 50
• Manual or Automatics Substitutions, Time Outs, and Late Game Fouling are allowed but must be preset before the start of the game.
• No manual substitution via START button. Substitutions are only allowed in-game via D-Pad and during called Time Outs.
• If you pause the game (using the START button) or press the PS Menu button, you must burn a timeout as a penalty. If you have no timeouts left, you will be required to take a penalty (delay of game for offense, or out of bounds for the defense).
• Trash talking and bad conduct will not be tolerated and organizers have the right to forfeit the game due to the mentioned circumstances.
• There will be a marshall/official in every game to be played. They will be responsible in reviewing the play should there be any game glitches
• Marshall/Official decision is Final.

BTV 3pt Shootout
• Registration will be done on site
• Each participant has 60 seconds to complete 5 basketball racks
• Each rack has 5 balls; first 4 balls will be worth 1 point each. Last ball (money ball) will be worth 2 points each
• The money ball will only be counted as 2 points if taken last in every rack
• Top 3 scorers will win a loot bag from BTV & NBA Store

Skills Challenge
• Registration will be done on site
• There will be a mini obstacle course set up in the half court
• Obstacle course will consist of dribbling, passing and shooting challenges
• Each participant will have to go through the obstacle course twice
• The participant with the fastest time wins. Prize will be c/o Adidas

2 Ball Competition 
• Registration will be done on site and by pairs
• 2 participants per team
• There will be 7 shooting spots with corresponding points placed around the half court
• 2 Points will be the minimum and 8 points the maximum
• Each team has 60 seconds to shoot alternately on designated spots with different point values on the court
• The pair should have at least one attempt per shooting spot. If the pair fails to attempt in 1 spot, their score will be forfeited
• Pair with the highest score wins. Prizes will be from Mitchell & Ness and Stance plus BTV loot bag.

Free Throw Shooting Competition 
• Registration will be done on site
• Participants will form a line and make 1 attempt from the free throw line
• If you made a shot, you go back to the end of the line.
• Missed shot means your eliminated
• Cycle will continue until we have 1 last man standing
• Winner will get prizes from BTV and NBA Store

3 on 3 Competition
• All teams / participants will be pre-registered
• Each team should have at least 3 players and at most 4 players
• Teams can have the option to bring in 1 coach
• 8 teams will be divided into 2 brackets. So 1 team will have 3 games against the teams in their same bracket
• Drawing of groups will be done by the organizers prior to the event
• Each game is 15 minutes long or first to score 21 points wins
• Point scoring will be 1 point if inside the three-point area; outside the three point area will be equivalent to 2 points.
• If a player gets fouled in the act of shooting, player will take 1 free throw. Made free throw will be equivalent to 1 point.
• Top 2 teams from groups A & B respectively will qualify in the semi finals (crossover format)
• In case of tie, quotient system will be implemented. (Points for vs Points Against)
• Winners in the semis will qualify to the finals
• Finals will only be 1 game
• Winning Teams gets to bring home prizes c/o BTV, NBA Store, Stance, Mitchell & Ness and Adidas.

more on: http://go.globe.com.ph/nba-all-star-festival.html



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