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2016-17 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Champion: Saling Ketket

2016-17 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Champion: Saling Ketket

The 5th Edition of the annual Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament has recently been concluded and man oh man, it was a great season!

The best tournament so far in five years, Powcast Fantasy Tournament was stacked with the best and the most active managers as well as champions from different Fantasy tournaments. You simply cannot make a mistake. 

The season long tournament was a battle from the start and Saling Ketket, our champion this year, showed that he's primed to make up for his lackluster performance last year.  Led by his best and most consistent player Kawhi Leonard, Saling Ketket was leading the pack all season long.

The Saling Ketket Playoffs matchups did not come easy as he had to go through Red Kryptonite in a tight first round battle that ended up with 5-4 as final score. 

The second round however, Saling Ketket proved that he had a statement game crushing Jang So with the score of 6-2.  His opponent on the other side of the bracket isn't a pushover as D'Joms also defeated the first ever Powcast Fantasy Tournament Champion Negros Piaya Kings with the score of 6-3. 

The Finals was set between two of the best teams this year, Saling Ketket and D'Joms. 

We all know what happened. It came down to the wire with both teams making moves, adding and dropping players to ensure they maintain the lead. The game could have gone the other way but Saling Ketket was the chosen one this year. 

Here's the finals stats. 

Saling KetKet's Final Roster

Awarding and Victory Party to be announced soon!

Congratulations Saling Ketket our 2016-2017 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament Champion!

To join the next season Fantasy tournament: Please send your letter of intent to inquiry@powcast.net, together with your Fantasy profile. Thank you!



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