3x3 Basketball: Red Bull Manila Qualifier A Results

List of Teams who participated on Manila Qualifier A:

  1. Team Sta. Rosa
  2. Sulapas
  3. Neos Kai Isxyros
  4. Balandra Squad
  5. DHI Team
  6. Tri Baller
  7. Fly Stars
  8. Project X
  9. Disciples
  • Running Time
  • Everyone should get the ball out of the 3 point line in every change o ball possession.
  • Team were divided into 2 brackets
  • Top 2 team of each bracket will move to the next level
  • Top 2 teams of each bracket will play each other and who ever gets the 2 highest accumulated scores will qualify for the next round on Saturday.

Top Teams for each Brackets
  • Bracker A
    • Fly Stars
    • Disciples
  • Bracket B
    • Team Sta. Rosa
    • Balandra Squad

During the game, it was Fly Stars who is dominating the games with their 3 nigerian players which one of those is standing around 6'9 or 6'10. But during the Last Round, it was the All - Filipino Teams, Balandra Squad and Team Sta. Rosa who dictates the game with their shooting prowess. Team Sta. Rosa was able to collect 40 total points in their 2 games in the final round while Balandra Squad finished with 31 points.

Both Teams already qualified for the Finals which will be held on Saturday, May 27, 2017.