MMA Athlete Flynn “The Warlord“ Esteban and His Passion for the Game

In one of the world’s most dangerous sports, it takes a lot of guts, courage, and hard work to attain such discipline in the world of mixed martial arts. Just like this young lad from Baguio City. He makes sure that in every competition he is at, he always gives his best and doesn’t forget to thank God for all of his accomplishments.

Born Flynn S. Esteban on November 25, 1998 in Baguio City to Mr. Enrique Esteban Jr and Ms. Sonia Esteban, the 5-foot-6 University of Baguio student is now making his mark on the world of MMA.

“I started learning martial arts at the age of 16. The one who motivated me in MMA are my seniors and coaches in Team Lakay and also I think this is the sport where in my body is really capable and I think I was made for this sport” said Flynn.

Sa mga batang katulad ko na nangangarap din maging champion balang araw,  sana  ipag patuloy lang natin to. Huwag tayo magpatalo sa mga negatibong sinasabi ng ibang tao dahil ito ang ating ginusto at kakamitin natin ito balang araw. Mas maganda narin ito nalang ang ating gawin kesa sa pagkalulong sa masasamang bisyo added Flynn.  

Flynn wants to be a chef or a marine someday, and he also wants to be an MMA champion in the near future. With perseverance and unceasing faith in God, the road to glory is not far-fetched for this handsome young man from Baguio City.

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