UFC Alexander Gustafsson KO Teixera Then Did this, Two Wins in One Day

UFC Fight Night 109 Alexander Gustafsson vs Glover Teixeira was nothing less but exciting as two tough fighters went the distance in a rugged battle that ended in a knockout after Gustafsson delivered a four punch combo started with three uppercuts then finished with a heavy right hook that put down Teixeira for good. 

Alexander(7) who is now third in most finishes behind Chuck Liddel(9) and Jone Jones(9) put him self back in the conversation for a title fight but that isn't really what's on his mind that night as he was planning something else.

The win probably was probably the signal for him to execute the real plan of the night, one that would change his life forever. 

He called his girlfriend and to the surprise of many the warrior Gustafsson turned into a gentlemen inside the cage and knelt down to propose to his girlfriend. 

Alex won the fight and the hand of his girlfriend. Congratulations. What a night!

(courtesy: youtube/UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship)