Will Indonesia Put Up a Good Fight Against Gilas Pilipinas?

One by one, Gilas Pilipinas with little to no challenge emphatically defeats every team they face in the SEABA tournament that started May 12. Murder may be the better term as Gilas Pilipinas showed no mercy and just about devoured every team in front of them scoring almost double their opponents total score in each and every game.

Myanmar was the first team to taste defeat against the Philippines with a score of 147 - 40.  Followed by Singapore who also bowed down with the score of 113 - 66. Malaysia was no difference as Gilas smothered them with the score of 106 - 51. Thailand was a victim waiting for its prey as they squandered to the ground with the score of 108 - 53. The last victim tonight was Vietnam who easily folded even without the service of naturalized big man Andre Blatche.

Gilas Pilipinas was in a league of its own and no one within the Southeast Asian teams can challenge the dominance of the Philippines in basketball.  Winning in spades 5 of its scheduled 6 games in the tournament with Indonesia being the only and last team in front of them standing in the way of winning the tournament championship.

Indonesia may be different from the rest as they are the only other team aside from the Philippines who haven't tasted defeat yet. Indonesia is primed to give the Philippines a run for its money.  Also defeating every team they faced in the tournament and even showing a glimpse of their offensive firepower against Myanmar scoring 123 in regulation, Indonesia may be the only team in the current SEABA tournament that may actually have some teeth.

Having their own version of Andre Blatche with American naturalized player Jamarr Johnson, the 28-year-old could be the difference maker for the final game tomorrow (May 18) that would determine the tournament champion.

The big question is, Will this be another Walk in The Park for Gilas Pilipinas or will Indonesia Put Up a Challenge?

My Assesment: I do not forsee any issue for Gilas Pilipinas in easily disposing of the Indonesian on it's way to a dominant tournament championship. Gilas Pilipinas is just too big and too strong against anyone in the region. With the crowd behind the National team, it would make it more inspiring to win the tournament in dominating fashion as they want to put out a statement against the  Asia-Pacific teams that they are ready for the Asian tournament and maybe the world.

Watch the highlights of the Game between Gilas Pilipinas and Vietnam.