Cavs Coach Ty Lue Talks About Adjustments, Changing Line Up and Game 1 Loss

Ty Lue lost the game 1 of the best of 7 series against the Golden State Warriors who came with guns blazing and shocked the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's almost like a mismatch as the Cavaliers could not solve the puzzle that is Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.  

Watch below:

0:03 - Focusing on Things Cavs Can Do Better

1:02 - Other Players Not Contributing

1:56 - Turnovers

2:41 - Tristan Thompson & Rebounding

3:51 - Defensive Corrections

5:24 - If Atmosphere of Oracle Affected the Game

6:42 - James Posey

7:31 - Veteran Guys on Coaching Staff

8:32 - Warriors' Defense

9:32 - If He's Considering Any Lineup Changes for Game 2