Did you Know? Golden State Warriors Alternate Head Coach is the Former Coach of The Cavs

Coach Mike Brown has been coaching for sometime already and he has coached the Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers and now the Golden State Warriors. In fact, he has spent most of his coaching career in Cleveland and may have the biggest insights on its culture, team and LeBron James. 

And while he mostly have winning records as a coach, he was never really able to get to the summit of basketball failing a number of times in the playoffs and in the finals. 

Now that he is the alternate coach to Steve Kerr who is unable to coach due to personal reasons, he has another chance to redeem himself against his former team. 

Mike Brown spent the 2005 to 2010 Season with the Cavs, 2011- 2012 with the Lakers, 2013-2014 back to Cleveland and now with the Warriors.