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It's Time for the 2017 Crazy NBA Free Agency to Start! Curry, Griffin, Hayward

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap and Otto Porter. These are just some of the notable names in this year's free agency and while some of these names would most probably be staying put, we might still see a few big surprises this off season and some of these big names may not even be on this list.

We already witnessed one big move this off season that shipped to sought franchise player of the Bulls Jimmy Butler to the Wolves for a bunch of young players that includes Chris Dunn, Zach Lavine and the rookie Lauri Markkanen and it is not going to stop there.

With big names on the board and teams making drastic and bold changes in their roster, it looks like it will be another fun and memorable off season.

Golden State is one of the teams that has few names on the board and while it is almost a guarantee that these players would be staying put after the recent success they had in capturing back the NBA championship against rival Cleveland Cavaliers. We cannot be too sure about it as NBA basketball isn't only about playing well together and winning championships but also generating revenue.  With Curry up for a max contract, I foresee the role players suffering from these situations as the team tries to balance out the expenses of keeping big names within the team.

Goodbye Lob City. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are also at the crossroads. I would consider Clippers as one of the few teams that created a super team but was not successful due to the heavy competition in the west. Clippers is a great playoff team, but year after year they fell short from achieving the ultimate goal and players like Blake and Chris could be thinking differently these days with so many options to choose from and probably as an easier option.

A lot could happen this off season.



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