Pacquaio Looks Impressive in Sparring but Coach Freddie Not Yet Satisfied

Just less than a month away before the Battle of Brisbane. Powcast visits the 8 division champion and the fighting senator Manny Pacquiao.

It's no secret that Manny Pacquio does majority of his training at the Elorde boxing gym at the Mall of Asia.  This Saturday, we got an opportunity to see him train and spar with three boxers including boxers from Australia and Mexico. 

The Elorde gym was filled with media, expectators and fans alike. Manny seemed to still have the charm as fans including a few ladies wanted to have a photo and get a hug from the champion. 

After awhile, Manny emerges from the locker room and immedietly went to work. He started warming up and the people started taking photos and videos as if it was a real fight.  In attendance today was Freddie Roach his head coach, Justin Fortune his conditioning coach and his local coaches and friends including Buboy Fernandes  and Nonoy Neri. 

The gym became more wild when two PBA basketball players entered the already crowded gym. It was Joe Devance of Ginebra and Chriss Ross of the San Miguel Beermen. A quick chat with both of them revealed that they were long time Pacquiao fans and seeing Manny work closely is simply a treat for these basketball players turned fans.

The sparring sessions against the boxers was a sight to see for all, and as much as I want to show you photos and videos, I can't, as it is prohibited. 

I however, can tell you that Manny Pacquaio is still quick, as in blazing fast. The three boxers came in the ring and giving Manny two rounds each, Manny seemed conditioned and ready as the sparring session progressed. He never slowed down a bit and he even tried to urge his sparring partners to go at him in full force as it seemed at times they are taking it easy on him. 

After the session, and as always, Manny ends it with a prayer and the crowd turned into silence. It was at the same moment when I sat beside Manny and realized that this man has been boxing for awhile now. He is 38 years old and not getting any younger. And while your eyes can see that he is still capable,  you start to ask yourself  how long can he still do this.

I spoke to Freddie Roach at the end of the session and as usual he is as candid as ever. He thinks Manny can definitely still fight and is in good condition however he is not fully satisfied with what he saw. 

It looks like they still got a lot of work to do.

We will be posting more photos and videos. 

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