Lakers Thinking About Signing Caldwell-Pope because of LeBron James

The Lakers signing  Rajon Rondo or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is a hot conversation now but, it's just a piece of a developing puzzle according to some experts. Both players are being considered by the Lakers to a one year deal but one player may have more leverage than the others.

We know that Rajon Rondo is a great player who have the experience and probably the leadership skills to lead a young roster like the Laker but Caldwell-Pope at 24 may have a lot more upside than Rondo who at 31 may already has passed his prime. 

Caldwell-Pop at the moment is considered the best available free agent, averaging 13 points per game would be a good supplement for the Lakers who's bannering mostly young players this upcoming season. 

The real story however, may be the Lakers' interest in signing LeBron James next year. They believe that signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who has the same agent as LeBron would help convince the King to move to Los Angeles.