LeBron James' Best Bud James Jones Leaving Cleveland for Phoenix Suns as a VP

James Jones is a three-time champion, Can LeBron Do it without him?

Phoenix adding Championship experience in their management team

The best bud of LeBron James in leaving him behind in Cleveland to become the VP of Operations in Phoenix. LeBron James and James Jones shared three championships together and while Jones never really had a significant contribution on the court, he is still a big part of the life of LeBron James. 

James Jones at 36 years old can probably still play but not all players are meant to play for a long time. Some of them are meant to become part of the management team. Jones was a 2nd round pick in 2003, the same batch as LeBron. And while both players came from the same rookie class, their basketball career went to a different direction. James Jones played with four teams starting with Indiana, Phoenix, Miami, and Cleveland.  His best years were spent in Phoenix where he had the highest point production in his career at 9.3 points per game. It's not that significant but James Jones may have done something more off the court because the suns just hired him to become the VP of Operations.

Not all great basketball players can be a coach or a manager. These roles have different skill sets and while we can all argue about it, there is just no arguing about the experience that a champion like James Jones can bring the city of Phoenix.  

Congrats James Jones!