It will be Easier to Win a Championship Than to Retain LeBron James in Cavs

LeBron James is on the verge of Moving Again!

Winning a Championship could translate to keeping the King!

LeBron James isn't going anywhere with his performance, as he is steady like a machine at 32 years old. His performance is still one of the best in the NBA and this year, he is bound to make history and could surpass a lot of records again. 

Cavaliers realizes that and wants to ensure that the kid from Akron, Ohio stays with them for a much longer time.  The King is set for another free agency frenzy as he only has this year on his contract to play for the Cavaliers and with all of the rumors going around, it is but normal for the city of Cleveland to be worried. 

LeBron James is rumored to jump ship again and if the Cavaliers doesn't win a championship this year, it is but certain that he is most likely to go somewhere else.  Already with Lakers, New York and other teams preparing it will be a tough task for Cavaliers to retain their King especially if they don't win a championship ring. 

Do you think LeBron James will move out of Cleveland next year?

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