Wisdom Tooth and Practice: Funny Post Fight Conversation Between Opponents Kiko Matos and Billy Jack Sanchez

Kiko Matos Shuts Billy Jack Sanchez by choking him 

Billy Jack Sanchez was victorious in a way as he successfully invaded the MMA after being included in a fight card shown on national television in the most iconic arena in the Philippines.

Billy Jack Sanchez is actually now more popular than some of the real MMA fighters who, frankly, had better skills and those who deserve more attention. Billy Jack, however, have a different set of skills that landed him a fight against film actor and MMA enthusiast Kiko Matos.

Verbal Skill is not transferable to Fighting Skill. 

Last night, Billy Jack Sanchez found out in a hard way that fighting isn't all about bravado as Kiko Matos took him to school after a dominating win that would probably shut down Billy Jack Sanchez' mouth for the time being. Matos finished Sanchez via a rear naked choke.

Funny Post Fight Conversation between Kiko Matos and Billy Jack Sanchez

We caught up with the two action stars after the fight as they were casually talking about their fight and it looks like the two have finally settled their differences. Kiko Matos even shared a few bits of advice to his former opponent.  Billy Jack, in the end, said that he will continue to fight, meanwhile, he needs to get that wisdom tooth extracted.  

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