Exclusive Interview: UFC Pinoy Fighter Jenel Lausa Talks About his Journey as a Fighter

Jenel Lausa's Journey as a UFC Fighter

Jenel Lausa is one of the UFC fighters who is on the position to making it big in the world stage. Currently holding a 1 win and 1 loss record in the UFC, the 29-year old Jenel is now patiently waiting for the next man up because his opponent reportedly got injured and his supposedly scheduled match this month was cancelled.

Lausa who is a native of Iloilo was supposed to face the opponent who conquered CJ De Tomas in his first and only loss in the UFC. Unfortunately, he will not be able to get his vengeance for the Philippines and his countrymen due of this unforeseen circumstance.

Lasua also shared how he uses his time when there are no scheduled fights, but it looks like he is accustomed to the same thing and trains religiously, regardless. Jenel keeps his mind and body ready for any fight while also making sure that he spends quality time with his family.

Check out our exclusive interview with the former PXC Flyweight champion and current UFC Fighter Jenel Lausa.

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