Kyrie's Perfect Response to: What’s your Relationship with LeBron Like Now?

Kyrie Irving Talks About LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers. 

In a press conference which introduced the two new stars of the Boston Celtics Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving, you can be almost certain that a member of the press will ask Kyrie about his relationship with his former team and it looks like Kyrie was well prepared as he answered the question perfectly.

Check out the transcript of Kyrie Irving's response to LeBron. 

“Ummm, no. I haven’t spoken to him, and my intent... was to look back at the amount of ground we covered in the last three years — or even before that because we had a prior relationship — and to really realize how special that was and to really realize how much growth happened in that amount of time.

“I’d be sitting up here and telling you guys a lie if I didn’t tell y’all I learned so much from that guy. The perfection of the craft comes in a variety of forms. And you watch and you watch and you ask a lot of the great players, ‘what does it take to be great?’ And I’ve had the unique opportunity to play with one of the greats and it was awesome.
“At times it was all over just like it is on any other team. And when you look back and you’re eternally grateful for the moments that you’ve had and you’ve shared, you’re able to put peace with that journey and start anew.

“This was a very, very challenging decision at first. But after a while, when you understand and you have that confidence in yourself to understand the magnitude of what you actually can accomplish and potentially can do with other great people.

“And now that I’m sitting here, it just echoes in terms of me just being very appreciative of not only the Cleveland fans and all of Ohio, as well as Bron in incorporating me into that special team we had in Cleveland. Because, I mean, three finals in a row, all the shared memories with [the teammates], they all know how I feel about them individually as well as the amount of love we have for one another. The brotherhood exists, even without all this, and it will continue. So that’s exactly where it is, and I’m very appreciative of it" - Kyrie Irvingt.

The Brotherhood Exists - Kyrie Irving 

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