Naturalized Filipino Andray Blatche to Play in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 but for Team China, Why?

Andray Blatche will play for China in the  FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017

Naturalized Filipino Andray Blatche

Team Philippines has been awarded the wildcard spot for the upcoming  FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 which will be held on September 22 to 30 in China.

The nation of basketball certainly was elated with the news as once again Filipino basketball fans will unite to cheer for pride and country. Recently being crowned the Southeast Asian champion in SEA Games, the Philippine will conquer China to challenge the rest of Asia.

The Philippine team is yet to identify the roster of the team that will represent the tournament and it won't be easy especially since top players are currently playing for their mother teams in the on going Philippine Basketball Governors Cup conference.

The Philippine is in a whole lot of trouble especially that we heard that the teams that are part of the tournament are championship teams in their own countries.

Let's Just Get Andray Blatche

Last FIBA Asia Cup in Lebanon, Andray Blatche was not able to play for the Philippines citing security concern. Surely, he would be available this time as there are no current security threat in Chenzhou, China.

Behold, China got to Andray Blatche first and instead of playing for the Philippines he will go against the Philippines and will play for team China. The defending champion China Kashgar will get the service of the former NBA player.

China Kashgar 13-man national pool for FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2017 

Abudurexiti Abudushalamu
Darius Adams
Andray Blatche
He Jingjia
Li Gen
Makan Kelanbaike
Sidikejiang Kamiran
Sun Mingyang
Sun Tonglin
Tang Caiyu
Wang Zirui
Xirelijiang Mugedaer
Yu Changdong

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