Watch How Unbelievably Brutal MMA Was at it's Early Years

MMA is already primed and proper compared to its predecessors

Circa 1990's, UFC and a few MMA underground events have started a revolution. You will be witness to the most realistic as well as the most brutal fights during those times.

When the bell rings and regardless of weight classes, fighters are pit together in an all-out war that has very few rules. You can hit the groin, you punch the back of the head and do pretty much everything you want to do against your opponent in street fights.

Those days are gone, but it doesn't mean that the MMA industry has lost its teeth. Even with the refined rules and sanctioning body, MMA today still packs a punch and delivers monster highlights of knockouts and brutal moves as if they needed more refinement.

The battle of bringing these fights to the public and making it available on TV was a long battle and people within the MMA industry adapted to the change and from a small unknown arena, MMA has grown and has become one of the biggest sports in the world.

I can't wait for them to be back in Manila

Let's take a look back at how they started.

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