Ball Scrutiny: 5 NBA Match-Ups Guaranteed to Make You Bite Your Nails While Watching

Action-packed season starting to heat up. 

Are you one of the fans rooting for incredible match ups? 

Here are some interesting clashes to watch this season. 

Stephen Curry crossing over LeBron James

Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

With Carmelo Anthony and Paul George’s addition to the team, Russell Westbrook’s vengeance on Kevin Durant became even stronger. It will be a very fiery match-up of Durant and Westbrook trying to take each other down and who’s super team is the real super team.

Houston Rockets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

These two teams are both known with their slow style of play. James Harden holds the ball most of the time in every possession. He is the main caster of passes and the center of offense. Same goes with Cleveland where we all know that LeBron is the center of the offense and holds the ball much every game. Both teams playing in their ‘own’ desired pace, will play the game the way they are comfortable with, thus players will release their full potential much easier.

Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks

With Dallas Mavericks thwarting the inside of Orlando Magic during the preseason game, Orlando Magic is ready to rearm their inside weapon and cast their vengeance head-to-head against the Dallas Mavericks.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

Former teammates Kyrie Irving and LeBron playing against each other? How action-packed would this be? We saw them play with each other but what we are about to see is a whole different story if they play on the opposite sides of the court.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

You aren’t a real NBA fan if you would not root for this matchup of the century. Cleveland Cavaliers won’t have the addition of Kevin Durant as an excuse if they would lose in the finals again. But whoever may win between these two powerhouses are just very unpredictable as of now due to the huge addition on the side of the Cavs, they are completely bulked up.

Another thing that makes this match interesting is to answer the question ‘Who’s Era is this?’

It is said to be the LeBron James era, but not until the Warriors bagged 2 titles in 3 years. The Warriors are in the hot seat with overwhelming questions about them being like the bulls who bagged 6 NBA titles in 8 years. If this is LeBron James’ era then why does it seems that the Warriors are the one repeating Michael Jordan’s legacy?

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