Ball Scrutiny: Cavs vs Orlando Match Up Forecast

Lebron James driving against Aaron Gordon

So, how will it go?

Everyone is expecting another sizzling hot performance of the Super-Team Cleveland Cavaliers. And if this team will be fortunate, the expected explosion will be guaranteed to spell their victory.

Full Team Effort for Orlando is a must in order to stop, if not, to catch up with the Cavs’ offensive firepower. Evan Fournier has the highest Point Per Game (PPG) last season but with only 17.5 for Orlando. Meaning, nobody in their squad averages 20 and above. It is a major disadvantage knowing that the Cavs have a LeBron James and a Dwyane Wade which have PPG above 20.

Nikola Vucevic must cover Kevin Love at all costs. Love can shoot from anywhere and even beyond the arc. Isolation plays will be much easier for the Cavs and will be a major disadvantage for Orlando especially against devastating penetrators like Derrick Rose.

Aaron Gordon will experience extreme pressure, playing the power forward position, he is likely to be marked by LeBron and will be the first-line defense against the Cavs which focuses their offense mainly on James. How long can the rookie keep his feet?

Will Kevin Love finally have his hands heated up from beyond the arc? How will Vucevic defend Love’s play? Will the Cavs ignite to full power? Or will it just end up with another shameful loss to berate the Cavs ultimate form even before the season officially starts?

Every victory is but significant for the Cavs especially when they let their true starters to play to keep their threatening impact alive until the finals until they avenge their loss against the Warriors.

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