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Curry, Durant Explosiveness Could Not Suffice

Warriors on season’s loss number 2

Marc Gasol hanging on the hoop after a jam

Memphis Grizzlies vanquished the Golden State Warriors, 111-101 for their 2nd straight regular season win, led by their big man Marc Gasol scoring 34 huge points plus 14 rebounds double-double performance.

With Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s explosive ball game, the Dubs still fell into a deep fit after The Grizzlies completely dominated the shaded area. Gasol’s main man, Zaza Pachulia  was nowhere to be found, completely crushed in his inside battle. Pachulia was scoreless after his 12 minutes of play.

Curry scored 37 big points including 6 made from the rainbow country, whilst Durant with 29 points and 13 rebounds ended up in vain. Warriors’ starters aren’t in full throttle (except for KD and Steph), plus they didn’t receive enough reinforcement, with the bench producing only 18 points in total.

Curry and KD’s ultimate form seem to be insignificant with Grizzlies taking control of the game from the 2nd quarter up to the final buzzer of the game.

The Warriors’ hanged on until the end of the first half, trailing behind only 5 points but still fell as the 2nd half commenced. Grizzlies ignited their full thrust for an 18- 0 run on the first 6 minutes of the 3rd that crack up a huge deficit 74-56. The Warriors barely came back, little by little from freethrows and 2 pointers but the 3rd quarter is nothing but the raging Grizzlies, ending 88-71.

Kevin Durant, did not want the game to be sentenced before it officially ends, opening up the final quarter with two consecutive triples  followed by David West’s tip shot for a shocking 8 – 0 run. But the final quarter was just a series of exchange of baskets. The warriors failed to start another huge run to make a comeback and fell in the hands of the Grizzlies 111-101 final.


Grizzlies 111 -  Gasol 34, Ennis III 13, Conley 10, Martin 8, Harrisson 5, bench – 41

Warriors 101 – Curry 37, Durant 29, Thompson 14, Green 3, Pachulia 0, bench - 18

Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Highlights October 21 2017 2017 18 NBA season 



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