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How is Uncle Drew with the Green Jersey so far?

Kyrie Irving holding his official jersey for Boston Celtics

After a huge trade between Kyrie for Crowder and Thomas, how is Kyrie Irving doing with the Boston Celtics?

After two straight losses to start the season, the Boston Celtics sizzled with 3 straight victories this time, with the last game against Milwaukee Bucks and the ultimate scoring machine Greek Freak, how is Kyrie Irving doing individually and as a part of the team?

Being a new point guard for the new team he is in, Kyrie had adjusted quite well after two defeats and is now starting to cast fluidity for the green offense. But still he is more of an individual player in offense – which is not that good for playing the point guard position. He averages 20.8 points per game this season which is a huge contribution but in terms of assists, he only averages 6.2 per game. It is relatively low with respect to his playing position. We know Kyrie Irving for his style of play. He holds the ball most of the time but not to design plays for his team but to set his own drive with his fancy crossovers.

Kyrie, so far isn’t a point guard yet due to individualism in terms of offense. Holding the ball too much especially if you’re the team’s ball handler will make the offense static and stiff. It is but understood that Irving drives and scores because he can and that’s what he’s good at but as a pointguard, why not use his penetrative capacity in order to give way for his other team mates like for example driving hard to the interior and dish a kick out pass to another shooter from beyond the arc and that way he’ll help his team find their groove on the floor. He’ll establish the connection of his plays to the Celtics offense.

Kyrie on the offensive end is unquestionable so right now he needs to  find a way to use this power in order to generate a better offense for the rest of his team.



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