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Jeremy Lin from Linsanity to Hairsanity: What are the Reasons Behind his Hairdos?

Forget about his basketball performance, Jeremy Lin's hairstyle is making the headlines these days 

From sleeping over on a friends couch to an instant hit in New York, Jeremy Lin's basketball career has taken him places and has given him the leverage he needs to be well known worldwide. Jeremy Lin isn't your average basketball player from his humble beginnings in basketball. He has strived and became one of the key players for his team. 

At 29, Jeremy Lin has taken us to a roller coaster ride from the early days in Golden State, to his rise in New York, to Houston, Los Angeles, Charlotte and now in Brooklyn. We have experienced such basketball Linsanity but it isn't just his basketball skills which have taken us to a roller coaster ride. Late in his career, especially when he was playing with Charlotte, Lin developed a knack for changing hairstyles and it isn't your average coiffure. 

From Linsanity to Hairsanity

His latest hairstyle garnered a lot of attention that he even needs to write about it in the Players Tribune as he explains the process and the reason behind his newest hairstyle, the dreadlocks. He spoke about cultural appropriation as his hairstyle has become more popular than ever.

Jeremy Lin has taken some backlashes, praises and mixed reactions from fans and players but Jeremy Lin's game outside the court, his intelligence, and mental toughness is much greater than his basketball skills so it would take more to put him down even if the scrutiny is coming from one of the best players who ever played in a Nets uniform, Kenyon Martin.

Here is Jeremy Lin's response to Kenyon Martin:

We stand by Lin and we are not just a fan of your basketball, but also a fan of your hairstyle!
Go Hairsanity!



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