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War From Under the Rim: Raptors Destroys Pistons

Toronto Raptors ravaged the Detroit Pistons 116 to 94 to bag 2nd victor.

 Kyle Lowry (7) attacking Reggie Jackson's (1) Defense

After an all-out inside domination of the Detroit Pistons, their supremacy in the shaded area came to a very early end as they tasted defeat against the Toronto Raptors which conquered the inside all throughout.

Raptors took full control with impeccable team play that allowed them to score from the inside. They delivered 30 assists that thwarted Pistons with just 19. As a result, they established a humongous advantage inside, scoring 52 total points in the paint whilst Pistons only with 36.

Pistons, seeing that the inside worked well for them the last time against the Orlando Magic, their pace slowed down dramatically which also let the Raptors breakaway in the transition basket segments, scoring 17 compared to Detroit with just 4.

Nothing just seemed to work well for Detroit from the inside, outside or in the slow or fast pace of the game all throughout. They only delivered 5 long balls in contrast to Raptors with 13 triples.

The two teams are tied up 2-2 in their preseason standings.

Jasper’s Forecast

From the game statistics of Raptors, facing the Orlando Magic will be pretty interesting. Raptors and Orlando are teams with a great balance of their inside and beyond the arc efficiency. This will be one of the good matchups to watch in the east. Another team that will surely clump with this clash is the Dallas Mavericks which destroyed Orlando Magic's reign inside.


Raptors 116 – Valanciunas 18, Ibaka 14, DeRozan 13, Lowry 7, Powell 6, Bench – 58

Pistons 94 – Drummond 14, Harris 9, Johnson 6, Jackson 6, Kennard 2, Bench - 57

(video courtesy of NBA Conference)



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