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The Best Filipino Basketball Player in America is not Kobe Paras nor Jordan Clarkson

Not Kobe, Not Jordan. The best Filipino Basketball Player in America is Remy Martin, According to this Youtuber

Remy Martin looks promising in the video and certainly looked like he could be ready for Philippine basketball. His height, however, could be an issue as the Philippines is known for having great small players or guards for obvious reasons, we are short.

Remy Martin may have a slight edge with athleticism but he would have a lot of competition in his position in the PBA and certainly in the NBA. To say that he wants to be the face of basketball in the Philippines is easy but he would need to show that he is willing to work for it more than anyone else.

Watch him below.

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We know that LiAngelo Ball is getting ready to start college basketball, but what if the Best Philippine Basketball Player in America was only 17 years old and was also getting ready for college?
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But anyway, today I wanted to talk about the best Philippine basketball player in America, Remy Martin. Remy Martin is a 17 year old point guard that just committed to the Division 1 basketball program of Arizona State. A four star recruit, Remy Martin has led the highly coveted Sierra Canyon High School to a 4th straight Division title! Scouts have praised his game and ranked him as the 23rd best point guard in the Class of 2017! He had offers from other colleges like UCLA, but turned them down for ASU because he felt like he wanted to be on his own to develop.

Family and nationality have always been extremely important parts of Remy’s life. His mother immigrated from the Philippines as a teenager and Remy Martin has dual citizenship in America and the Philippines. He is proud of his Fil-Am or Filipino-American status and has stated that “I want to be an iconic figure for the Philippines. I want to be the face of basketball for the Philippines. I think I’m capable of doing that,” In all honesty, I think he can. While these statements may seem far-fetched, Remy Martin, with his iconic hair, has built a fanbase as a high schooler because he played with such an intense passion for the game. He is a 5’ 11” guard and is explosive with a great feel for the game, with an all around impact and that would translate overseas.

He has been a winner in Sierra Canyon. Winning DNA doesn’t just disappear. His hard work ethic coupled with him receiving training in America in the NCAA is significant. This type of training would put him an edge ahead of other filipino players at such a young age. Afterall, college basketball is meant to prepare talent into NBA ready players. Making the NBA may be hard for Remy because he is on the shorter end of the stick, but his skills and explosiveness can be translated to any level of the game. I fully believe that Remy Martin could take all of Philippine basketball by storm because he is elite. Remy Martin and Christian David are the only 4 star Fil-Am recruits this year although Christian is also Canadian, but Remy Martin seems poised to take on more of a leadership role with more responsibilities. He is afterall ASU’s best player.
Yes, Remy’s game is still incomplete. He is turnover prone. Yet at the same time, he came off of a high school season in which he dropped over 7.5 assists per game. His athleticism doesn’t just mean quickness. He has bounce and can finish with some high-flying dunks. He could dominate Philippine basketball, but as of now he is still going through the motions, making strides on improving his game, but as of now he currently is the best Philippine basketball player in America.
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