A Wheeler's Opinion: The Cavs are on a 4-Game Winning Streak. So what?

Does it mean that they are slowly becoming the team they are meant to be?

LeBron James had another MVP-worthy stat line against the Clippers.

After starting the season on a miserable and inconsistent roller coaster ride, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now on a 4-game winning streak after LeBron James, yet again led the Cavs to an overtime victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, 118-113. The King scored 39 points and grabbed 15 rebounds while playing for 46 minutes. While the Cavs were able to keep their streak going, the Clippers, on the other hand, failed to stop their miseries as they endured their 7th consecutive loss.

After beating Blake Griffin and company, the Cavs improved to 9-7 in the season, now up into 7th place in the East after spending most of the previous weeks lagging behind the top 8. Now comes the question that everyone wanted to ask: is this a sign that the Cleveland Cavaliers we all saw during the past 3 seasons are finally back in their dominant form?

Not. Quite. Yet.

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • New York Knicks
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Los Angeles Clippers

If we are to look at the 4 teams that the Cavs have defeated in their 4-game winning streak, they are generally poorly performing teams and the Cavs should be able to beat them easily but no.  The Knicks had a double-digit lead only for the Cavs to erase it. Mind you, the Knicks were actually one of the teams who kicked the Cavs in the rear during the latter's losing streak in the season's early goings.

Against the Clippers, Cleveland had to rely on LeBron James, again, precisely because only him, Kevin Love and yes, Dwayne Wade were the only ones who scored in double figures for the Cavs. With Derrick Rose, yet again, out due to injury, again, and with Isaiah Thomas not returning anytime soon, that leaves Tyronn Lue without a real point guard which means LeBron will take care of the playmaking responsibilities, again.  However, no matter how great LeBron truly is, everything has a limitation and LeBron can't do everything and he cannot save the Cavs from embarrassment no matter how hard he tries to do so. 


Sure, the Cavs are on a 4-game winning streak thanks to the collective efforts and leadership of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. Sure, Wade had 23 points and 11 rebounds off the bench against the Clippers- proving that he has plenty left in his tank. But no, the Cavs are not yet back in their dominant form. Why? If they are, they should be at the top of the East, right? 

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