A Wheeler's Opinion: Will there be a PBA Lockout?

PBA planning session became a vacation

The Narvasa Saga is far from being resolved with a month go before the season starts. (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

With barely a month to go before the 43rd season of the PBA kicks off, the standoff between two groups, one that wants Chito Narvasa out, and the other one that wants him to stay, is far from being resolved as the league headed to Los Angeles for their annual planning  session in preparation for the upcoming new season. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper quorum as 4 PBA board members have yet to show up in LA,  the planning session is questionable, for now.

Why it's important for the PBA board members to show up?

For starters, one of those who are absent is incoming Chairman Ramoncito Fernandez which means without Fernandez, there was no formal transfer of chairmanship from outgoing Chairman Mikee Romero. In fact, Fernandez was supposed to preside over the meeting whose agenda included that of Chito Narvasa's status as PBA commissioner.

While it was reported that Fernandez would try to come by last Monday, the refusal of the majority of the board to show up put the future of the upcoming in question as aside from the tenure of the commissioner, there were other agendas included in the annual planning session which included the league's calendar for the new season which also covers the format, the schedule and of course, the limitations for imports.

With no closure on the Narvasa Saga so far and with a month to go before the new season opens, what will happen to the PBA?

Nope. No lockout- Dioceldo Sy

There is nothing worry about a lockout, PBA fans. At least if you ask Blackwater owner, Dioceldo Sy. That is despite the fact that Sy mentioned about the 8 teams who are against Narvasa, excluding themselves from the 43rd season, should Narvasa stay- a scenario that may lead to a lockout.


According to Mr. Sy, the five teams who want Chito Narvasa to stay, are now "more or less" agreeing on having a search committee who will finally search for a new commissioner. 

Although it's still far from being resolved, Mr. Sy hopes that the standoff between both sides will be overcome December 17. The Blackwater owner also added that the league will give fans the assurance that there'll be indeed a 43rd season. 


Lockout or not, the PBA board members have a month to deal with their differences and settled them once and for all because regardless of what decision they make. Regardless if Chito Narvasa stays on or not, it's the PBA fans who will suffer at the end of the day. 

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