Balls-Eye: Awful Reason Why Dubs isn't a Real Super Team Yet

There is someone or something holding back the Warriors that conceals the true potential of a so called 'Super Team'.

Kevin Durant

If you're thinking that this is about teams that may or can stop the Dubs being the conqueror of the league, this is actually far from it. We know some of the teams regarding this matter like the OKC, Spurs, Houston Rockets and their biggest rival, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let us now talk about the team's interior. Literally it is their weakness. It is just covered by their mighty outside shooting which is considered to be the league's best. But outside shooting couldn't be as accurate as it can every single game. In case of misses, there must be a tough duo or even a single big man ready to dominate the battle for the boards, which the Dubs does not possess. Why?

Their primary center player is Zaza Pachulia. Zaza showed inefficiency every single game. He's not being deprived of playing time yet he failed to yield points and snatch rebounds for his team. Now, the warriors being  a super team was put into a big question mark.

Zaza has a very low insignificant performance of only 4.2 points per game. He also has a poor defensive power. It is evident in most of Warriors losses that they were dominated in terms of points in the paint which is a result of poor interior control on both ends of the court. Thanks to Durant and other power forwards like Andre Iguodola that the Warriors somehow, someway can battle on the inside for easy baskets and 2nd chance points.

I am not saying that the Warriors is a weak team. No champion team is weak because it takes more than just being strong to win a long season all throughout up to the final round. It's just due to the very high expectation on their performance, they seem not to meet the norm of being a 'super' team which is hypothetically, a team with no weakness and the only way to win is to play better than them. With defense? No way.

Meanwhile, i's not as though this weak link became a big problem. But in the long run it will be. They may suffer from losses for example, they lose a crucial rebound that may have cost the game or even the series when the play offs commence. As cliche as it may sound, he who controls the rebounds controls the game.

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