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Kyle Korver: Cavs Main Dagger off the Bench

Kyle Korver

In a powerhouse team full packed with superstars, how can a mere bench player step up and establish his own role? Well, Kyle Korver has done it in years and shall do it this season for the Cavs to reign supreme.

Korver may not always produce huge number for the Cavs but he is a main weapon in every game.

Clutch Shooter off the bench

Korver is known for his killer outside shooting whenever needed, he’ll play off the bench and just catch and shoot the ball whenever he is open. 

Most of us may not like his way of playing because it seems like he’ll just shoot the ball whenever he likes to do so but the real fact behind this is not all players can do what Korver does – shooting the ball every time left open takes a lot of courage. Imagine if you missed an open shot, it is very shameful because that shot was supposed to be easy but Korver does it all the time and is not afraid of missing even the most crucial shots in the game.

Loosen Interior Defense

As we all know, he always catches and shoots and as a result, everyone knows that he really takes a lot of shot, there's less chance that he’ll pass the ball. Even the interior defenders will break away to try to challenge his three point shot, thus even though Korver’s shots aren’t guaranteed to go in (in fact nobody’s shot is really guaranteed) there will be a higher chance that the Cavs will get the offensive board.

Korver’s style of play is a perfect one for a shooting guard, it will not only help the Cavs in general point production but will make the Cavs hit easier baskets due to a missing link in the interior defense of the opponent.

Just imagine the Cavs without Kyle Korver and picture out every scenario mentioned above. 

If his absence spelled a significant difference, then he surely is a vital part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

A superstar behind a bunch of superstars.



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