Super Team Lookout: Dubs Doing Great, OKC and Cavs Still Dormant?

Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook

The Dubs just keep on winning and winning games this season with impeccable play execution and explosive plays of their superstars.

Warriors even managed to win without Stephen Curry against the Orlando Magic. On top, of their game, the defending champs are looking to capitalize for the number one spot in the standings. But how about the two other ‘super’ teams in the league? OKC and Cavs are currently in a skid, Cleveland at 7-7 while OKC at 6-7. It is not that bad, for a typical team at least, but it is the worst for such squads knowing that they have an enormous line up that gave sky rocketing expectations for everyone in the league.

Is this really the top of their games? We were all expecting them to hold winning streaks just like what the dubs have done 2 seasons ago but it’s not really what's happening.

Here are some good hypothetical scenarios that may explain why the Cavs and Thunder are not playing that ‘well’ as we all have pictured out before the season commenced:

LeBron still could not adjust with his individualistic game hustle

LeBron James is used to carrying his team alone during games especially when there is a need to produce big points. He puts all the burden onto his shoulders which is not that advisable to do right now. Given that they have an all new line up, they have to pass the ball even more to test how they will work on together and to establish connections.

Another thing is that maybe they are still in the stage of what I was talking about a moment earlier, they are ‘still’ establishing the connection, so this means that the bond needed for them to work is still in progress.

Westbrook’s Pace is just too much

Even Melo admitted that it is quite hard to match the pace of Russell Westbrook. It may not be visible for us but maybe, that statement of Melo is half real. The fast game of Russell Westbrook may have brought Culture shock to him. 

On the other hand, Paul George is also in a state of culture shock, with himself not holding the ball the way he used to do during the Indiana Days. It is Westbrook who is the main point guard now and not him. Maybe he struggles on playing with him not seeing the court on the point guard position.

‘If’ these assumptions are the real thing that causes the not so good performance of the two superteams, then it will just be a matter of adjustment which can be worked out as the new roster plays more games together.

Even the Dubs quickly adjusted with the addition of Durant and even managed to win a title within the same season. But KD’s just a one-man addition, right now the Cavs and OKC’s map are in a state of total revision. Still cluttered but once rhythm is found, then we’ll see the true form of another two of this era’s super teams.

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