Mark Caguioa's 38th Birthday and his 38 Important Achievements

Mark Caguiao still got Spark

November 19, 2017 - At 38 years old, most professional basketball players would have called it quits but not Mark Caguioa. 

This will be the first time that Mark Caguioa will be without his buddy Jay-Jay Helterbrand. The two have formed one of the best duos in the PBA and this year, it has come to an end after Jay-Jay officially announced his retirement. 

Mark Caguioa was drafted in 2001 and is looking to play his 18th season in the PBA. Today, he celebrates his 38th birthday and to honor his achievements, we put together 38 Important Awards and Achievements for the Spark.

Here they are: 

1 to 66× PBA champion (2004 Fiesta, 2005 Philippine, 2007 Philippine, 2008 Fiesta, 2016 Governors', 2017 Governors'). Of course, Championship will always be on the top of the list after all, basketball players play to win them.

7: PBA Most Valuable Player (2012) - He received an MVP award in 2012, this is his best personal performance although he failed to win any championship this year.

8- 20: 12× PBA All-Star (2001, 2004–2008, 2011–2013, 2015–2017) - You would not call yourself a star if if you haven't been a part of the All-Star, right? Mark has total of 12 appearances.

21. PBA Rookie of the Year (2001) - The start of a great thing for Mark as he made immediate impact in the league.

22-24: 3× Best Player of the Conference (2007 Philippine, 2012 Commissioner's, 2012 Governors') - Two of his best conference awards were the same year in which he won the MVP.

25- 27: 3× PBA scoring champion (2005, 2007, 2011) - Three years, Mark has led the PBA in scoring. While what he has accomplished back then is going to be difficult to redo at this stage of his career, Mark has never failed to give some scoring spark when his number is called. 

28-31:  3× Mythical First Team (2008, 2011, 2012) - Three times, he had been included as part of the best players in the PBA. 

32- 33: 2× Mythical Second Team (2005, 2007)

34: PBA Press Corp Comeback Player of the Year (2012)- The same year were he was crowned the MVP, he was also given the comeback player of the year award. 

35- 36: 2× PSA Professional Cager of the Year (2007, 2012)

37: Member of 9,000 PBA Career Points Club

38: PBA 40 Greatest Players

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