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National Coach Chot Reyes Shows Appreciation to Gilas Pool

No Vacation: Gilas Pilipinas Pool Focused on Tasks at Hand 

JunMar Fajardo lifting weights
Photo Courtesy of Chot Reyes/Twitter

With a lot of distraction from around the PBA, National Coach Chot Reyes rounds up his players in preparation for the upcoming FIBA World Cup qualifier games on November 24 in Japan and on November 27 against Taipei in Manila.

With the current commissioner issues in the PBA that left the PBA with two divided factions, the players from each divided camps reunite in an effort to help secure a slot in the coveted FIBA World Cup.

SMC players like JunMar Fajardo and Japeth Aguilar were a few of the players who were present during practices and both players have been committed to the national program and were also responsible to its previous success.

Coach Chot Reyes, recently being re-assigned back as the coach took over the job in the nationals last tournament that saw the Philippines put up mostly college and young players due to unavailability as well us the FIBA Asia Championship Cup was never really in the calendar of the Philippines as they were only given a wild card entry because of the untimely exit of Japan.

Chot Reyes Praised Players

Chot, who is also the president of TV 5 knows what the meaning of sacrifice is as he himself has taken dual roles right now in serving TV 5 now ESPN 5 and the national team as the head coach.

Coach took to twitter and expressed his appreciation for the players for showing up and sacrificing their vacations and time with family just to get a chance to wear and represent the "Pilipinas flag" across their chests in honor and dedication that he himself is doing.

Congrats and good luck to our national squad.

Chot Reyes (@coachot) tweeted at 11:25 AM on Sat, Nov 04, 2017:
In d offseason, they give up their vacay, rest, time w families- for no extra pay but d chance to wear 'Pilipinas' across their chest #💪🇵🇭❤️ https://t.co/2VZDLOy6dP



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