Superteam Lookout: Cavs Eyeing for a Big 9th Straight Victory Against Heat

After a not so good performance in the early phases of the season, the Cavs bounced back even stronger as they are now making a winning rally of their own in the Eastern Conference, after Boston Celtics. 

LeBron James

Now, why would be a 9-straight victory matter that much already when the Boston Celtics had been in a 16-0 jaw-dropping streak? 

Let me remind you that it was the Miami heat who successfully ceased the Boston Celtics on their enormous victory regime. But before we get too excited on this, let us add some more spice to this forecasted 9-0 Cavs run.

Well, it may not seem that big but actually, this hypothetical  9-0 win streak of the Cavs will be even more explosive than that 16 – 0 of Celtics. 

Why? Here’s the catch, the Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the top three in the East. Now the Cavs vanquished the Detroit Pistons mercilessly in their recent match for their 5th straight win, 116 – 88. This win is huge knowing that Pistons are sitting on the number two spot while the Cavs are on the top three and it is not as though the Cavs managed to ‘survive’ in that clash, but they had established dominance.

Now going back to the historical streak killer Miami Heat which happens to be the Cavs opponent tomorrow, it will be a morale booster if Cavs will bag this victory. Imagine, the streak stopper Miami being beaten by the Cavaliers. Remember that the Boston Celtics haven’t avenged their loss against Cavs yet on their first regular season game and the victory against Heat will let Cleveland add up to Celtics grief.


Cavs finally found their rhythm. The chemistry of their superstars are now bolstered and the possibility of even lengthening this run isn’t just theoretical.

Will the Miami Heat make another historical stopping victory? Or will the Cavs continue to crush everything on its way to beat what the Boston had done this season so far?

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