What’s and How’s: Harden and the Rockets beat GSW and Cavs

WHAT does this mean and HOW do they do it?

James Harden

A little bit electrocuted after realizing that the Houston Rockets won their games against two of the most power-packed team in the current league. Know that you’re not the only one who is in the state of shock at the question ‘Just how strong is the Houston Rockets?’

But before that, let us answer today’s whats and hows in order to come up with a conclusion to the very intriguing question ‘Just how strong is the Houston Rockets?

What does this mean for the Houston Rockets?

Of course, it is a good sign of their impeccable gameplay execution. Their game is tighter. Team play is more effective than ever and they are filled with all sorts of positivity as they head on straight to whatever this season’s journey may slap onto them.

What does this mean for the Cavs and GSW?

It almost sounds like, “hey, you two dudes would not be the only reigning kings in the league forever”. 

Even Michael Jordan’s career slowly faded out. This loss is very alarming for both teams. Because aside from having a huge obstacle of taking down each other, here comes another perilous challenger – the Houston Rockets.

If it is a problem for the Cavs, it is a current disaster for the Warriors. They are on the same conference and if lucky, they’ll face each other at any stage of the playoffs. Regardless of when, one thing’s for sure, one has to defeat another to get to the finals. Pretty tough, huh?

So, how do the Rockets manage to destroy this two enormous teams?

All is well as long as James Harden keeps on being an effective playmaker and an offensive power source for the team. Harden played a the top of his game as he faced this two monsters. He exploded with 27 points and 11 assists against the Warriors whilst unleashing the beast inside him during the Cavs game with a monster triple-double of 35 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists.

Aside from having a very fluid playmaking led by Harden, the Rockets also have an iron interior established by their center Clint Capela. Capela is a monster on both ends of the court. He produces just enough points for the team and is a very effective interior defender. 

If you have watched the Rockets game against the Cavs, he blocked Kevin Love several times and even the king LeBron James from behind to dish out the winning stop in the final seconds of the game.

Now, I think you have a pretty much solid perspective on how strong the Houston Rockets is for their own team, for how the Cavs and Warriors see them and for how they changed the seemingly repetitive story of the league.

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