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Balls-Eye: Celtics Needs Another Long Win Streak

Jaylen Brown

After 3 consecutive losses before the break, the Celtics were in a skid and the Raptors kicked them out of the peak.

But now, they are back and is looking to dominate once again with 2 wins in 2 games after the break.

Boston Celtics 'must' win straight games to takeback what Toronto have stolen from them momentarily.

Would it be possible once again for the Boston Celtics?


Even Jaylen Brown said that Consistency is one of the things people talk about today. By consistency, what he means is for the Boston Celtics to win consecutively with each game them being absolutely dominant.

Furthermore Brown added that long seasons and his team having lots of ups and downs is a necessity for Boston to be a good and perhaps a better team.

Even the best of teams fall down and stumble at times. Just like Boston Celtics, before the break 3 games suddenly changed their league elevation, the Toronto Raptors dragged them down to a lower altitude but just after the break here they are looking good to start winning straight and try everything just to make it back on top.

Teams for Boston to watch out for now are the Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Hornets for they'll face these two in their succeeding games.

This may also be a great time for them to face the 76ers who's recently been streaking 7 straight triumph after beating Orlando, their longest this season abd even since 2003. It would be a 48 minute battle for streak survival.

Celtics are currently in good shape. Kyrie scored 31 while Brown with 24 against the Knicks. Al Horford had a double double 13 points and 10 rebounds. With these scattered yet huge individual production, Boston isn't far for another streaking journey to get back on top.



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