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Balls-Eye: Who is The Luckiest and The Most Unfortunate Player in the PBA?

Terrence Romeo Crosses over Marc Barroca

Aside from players who stand out because of their exceptional abilities, we would also notice some players who have a prospered destiny and an ill-fated career. Let's get through the luckiest and the most unfortunate player who has ever played in the PBA league.

Who goes first, the good or the bad?

I prefer the good one first so here we go.

If there's the luckiest player in the league, it would be Ian Sangalang.

Way back San Mig Coffee Mixers' heyday, Ian Sangalang become a part of the champion team on his 1st season with the team. But what's even better? San Mig Coffee won the Grandslam Title and he, a newly drafted rookie was part of it. Coach Tim Cone sent the Mixers to its grand slam, 1st was Alaska and they were the next and until now Coach Tim is still searching for ways to win another milestone.

Just imagine how lucky he is. It is seldom for a rookie to become a champion on the 1st year. But when talking about seldom, how much more is the 'grand slam' title? Now you can tell everybody just how lucky Ian Sangalang's birth in the PBA is.

That's just one blast of luck.

Now, are you ready for the player who can be considered the unfortunate? 

It would be non-other than Terrence Romeo. 

PBA's Kyrie Irving. Terrence Romeo's the killer point guard, an offensive machine. He's just almost impossible to stop and he's proven his greatness not just in the league but even against other nations around the world. Even against the biggest of guys, the fastest of the guards, Terrence would surely give anyone on the opposite end a hard time playing. But despite being a prodigy of Filipino Basketball, Terrence happens to be stuck in a team which could not help him to win a championship title. The Batang Pier most of the time ends its tournament at the bottom. There are numerous cups when they didn't even make it to the playoffs.

Imagine a one of a kind talent being left behind. How unfortunate.

Your thoughts? Who's the most unfortunate and luckiest for you?



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