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Bouncy Thoughts: What if Japeth Aguilar Becomes a Real Three Pointer?

Japeth shooting over three Bolts Defenders

Cannon tower.

Well, this may be one of the wildest thoughts a crazy imagination may produce but you cannot blame me on such hypothesis. Why? Japeth's been shooting threes a little bit more frequently than typical players of his size.

As a matter of fact, this theoretical form of Japeth isn't deemed to be impossible. Why? We have the living proof. Who would forget the member of Extra Rice Incorporated Beau Belga who shoots treys like freethrows -- not even jumping to make one. So who would say that Japeth achieving this form has zero probability?

Anyway, let's skip the rate of possibility and let's just focus on the prospective scenarios and effects of a giant gatling gun Japeth Aguilar.

We would have an NBA like superstar in the league. The NBA has guys of Japeth's size that naturally shoots from the outside. Well, you know american size nature. It may be as common as breathing to them but to us, it is a great talent.

Japeth would be PBA's LeBron. He'll be exceptional. We'll be ten steps closer to the Ginebra dynasty. He may even beat June Mar Fajardo's record as a 4 time MVP.

Now of all the big men in the PBA, why Japeth?

Japeth has the athleticism that makes his moves smoother and faster compared to the league's other big guys. Slow guys like Fajardo and Slaughter would not suit to be bigmen shooters. Their body and skills are intensively designed for inside plays alone. Nevertheless, they could still be molded to be shooters but the results would favor Japeth if these three meets in a shoot out.

Aguilar hits some crucial threes at present. He even happen to beat the buzzer for the win with his current form. Now imagine how much more spectacular shots he can make if his play would be totally a shooting tower.



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