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Another Disappointing Season: Isaiah Thomas to Undergo Season-Ending Hip Surgery

IT might have played his final game as a Laker as he has been ruled out for the season

Last season, Isaiah Thomas was the king in the 4th quarter for the Boston Celtics. Then, he got injured and missed the Celtics' playoff run. Then, he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a deal that included Kyrie Irving. Then, he was traded again by the Cavs to the Los Angeles Lakers. Then, he got injured, again. And with the tons of big stars who are likely to become free agents this coming offseason, there's a real possibility that the Lakers have already seen the last of Isaiah Thomas in a Gold and Purple uniform.

In a sad turn of events, it seems that things will never go Isaiah Thomas' way as he is set to undergo a surgery for his troublesome right hip that prevented him from becoming the dominant star of the 4th quarter he was once during his stint with the Celtics last season. That surgery will make Thomas miss the remainder of the season and with the Lakers already eliminated from the playoff race, it can be almost assured that Thomas would be playing another team next season- assuming that a team will pick him up from the free agency.

From a 4th Quarter Guy to a 6th Man

You gotta feel bad for this little guy. From a guy who averaged 28 points in 76 games with Boston last season, he only played 15 games for the Cavs, starting in 14 of those games while only averaging 14 points. When he was traded to the Lakers, he played 17 games while only starting in one of those games primarily because he was only a back-up to the prized rookie, Lonzo Ball. Ouch!

It's a sad story for a guy who used to be considered as a legitimate MVP candidate only to be struck by injuries. On top of his inability to stay healthy, one of the many reasons why the Cavs pulled the trigger on Thomas on the trade deadline was the fact that he wasn't only struggling offensively. He was struggling defensively, too. And the Lakers saw that, too. Despite his efforts to score and create scoring opportunities for his teammates, he has become a defensive liability for the Cavs and recently, for the Lakers. 


While Isaiah Thomas has repeatedly said that he wants to stay as a Laker after this season, it's unlikely that it will happen with the fact that the Lakers now have a chance to land LeBron James. It's not advisable for the Lakers to keep Isaiah Thomas on board. Why? The Lakers already have too many injuries to worry about with Lonzo Ball injuring himself anew and the last thing you will need is having a player whom you'll not sign this off-season. 

But given the opportunity and the minutes, we all know that Isaiah Thomas can redeem himself. All he needs now is a team who is willing to gamble despite his lapses. Who knows? Once healthy, Isaiah Thomas might just re-discover his old dominant self next season.  



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