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How to choose a basketball

How to choose a basketball

Among the most practiced sports in our country we can highlight football, basketball or paddle tennis. In all of them a sport ball is essential to play, so here we are going to focus on how to choose a basketball among the great variety of models that we can find in the market.

In addition to being the most practiced sports, basketball or basketball along with football is one of the sports that most followers and fans moves. It is a very complete and fun sport where an intensive physical exercise is practiced with practically the whole body.

The ball or basketball is undoubtedly a fundamental element in the game, so it is important that it meets the appropriate characteristics for its category. There are various sizes and colors and they can be made of basic materials or with other materials developed with the latest technology and design. Some quality brands may require enough money to buy and if you are short of money, the option of using short term loans is quite interesting.


The ball for a male adult basketball competition (number 7) must measure between 75 cm and 78 cm in circumference and weigh between 567 gr and 650 gr. If the competition is female adult (number 6), its measure will be between 72 cm and 73 cm and its weight between 510 gr and 567.

If the competition or training is junior (number 5) the measurement will be reduced to 69 cm - 70 cm and the weight to 470 gr - 510 gr. All of them have to have a standard pressure that allows to release them from a height of 1'80m your boat is about 1.30m.


The material of the basketball is also very important as there are different types of materials depending on whether they are balls for indoor or outdoor play. It is intended that they do not contain materials that can cause allergies on the skin of the players and that they are not slippery to facilitate the grip and handling, which is why they have points on the surface (to avoid that with the sweat the ball escapes from the hands of the players). They can be made of a natural genuine leather material or synthetic leather but always of good quality. Any ball that meets these characteristics will make the experience of the game or training more satisfactory and with a better performance and result in the development of the game.


As for the colors, the traditional models of the balls to play basketball were orange and with thin lines in black, but currently the different brands have been adapting to different tastes and to get a greater visibility of the ball on television and media of communication so that brands have been expanding their range of models and possibilities.


There are many brands that make basketballs, by shopping online you can find basketballs of the best known international and national brands such as Spalding, Molten or Mikasa, in addition to other sports brands. 



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