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Mythical Five: Who Would You Like to Take the Winning Shot?


Clutch times in basketball occur especially in the last two minutes of the game. It is not an unusual occurrence so you as a coach or even as a fan must have somebody in mind already to break away because there is no time to lose. every second is crucial.

So who do you got?

Here is a list of great options you might be interested in.

1 - Terrence Romeo

Terrence Romeo

A clutch shooter that can attack both from the paint and beyond the arc. Terrence Romeo has the dribbling skills and specializes in isolation plays which is very typical in the game's decisive moments. Romeo is used to a one-man team play so he would not be hesitant to hit the shot even with or without the coach's direction.

2 - Marcio Lassiter

Marcio Lassiter

High caliber outside shooter. Super Marcio Lassiter doesn't only swish the net when open but also relentlessly shames his defender's challenge in front of him. If you need a long basket, it would definitely be Marcio on the list.

3 - Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson

Ginebra's super rookie. Scottie is considered to be one of the most exceptional point guards in the league currently. With his amazing rebounding skills even against the tallest of monsters, Scottie could nail a shot and if not, he has the capability of snatching the second possession and in that time, the defense would be cluttered for him to score an easy basket inside.

4 - Jayson Castro

Jayson Castro

Known for his breath-taking pace, the blur's firepower is unquestionable. Castro can sprint any distance in no time with the defender not even knowing his mark is already gone. After the mighty mouse Jimmy Alapag, he took over the  TNT squad and lead them to countless victories as fast as his speed takes his body.

5 - Paul Lee

Paul Lee

Leethal Weapon is much like Romeo as a crossover specialist. Paul Lee's been the spear of the Elasto painters formerly and now with the Hotshots, he established his own role as the main head guard. Paul Lee can release the ball quickly without having to lift the ball as high as the typical shooters do.

So, whom would you entrust your team's triumph?



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