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One More Piece Added: Kendrick Perkins Joins Cavs for Playoff Run

Kendrick Perkins Joins Cavs for Playoff Run

With the Cavs' frontline struggling, Perkins' experience is vastly needed

Apparently, LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers need all the help that they can get so that they can return to the NBA Finals for the 4th consecutive year. Fortunately, the player who will join them in the playoffs has already won a championship while playing for the Boston Celtics.

Kendrick Perkins.

Yep, folks. Kendrick Perkins will fill in the last roster spot of the Cavs that the team will bring into the playoffs when the Cavs start the defense of their Eastern Conference championship. And with the fact that Perkins already has experience in terms of playing in the postseason, that alone should help him provide the veteran leadership to help LeBron James carry the Cavs to the promised land.

To begin with, this isn't the first time that Perkins is joining the Cavs. In fact, he played for the Cavs when they made the NBA Finals back in 2015 only to be released during the next pre-season. The last time he was in the NBA, he played for the New Orleans Pelicans back in the 2015-2016 season when he played for 37 games while averaging 2 points and 3 rebounds.

A Vocal Leader inside the Locker Room

While Kendrick Perkins can provide additional reinforcement on the defensive end, that's not the main reason why the Cavs need a guy like Perkins. While he can provide fewer contributions on the court, his leadership inside the locker will vastly benefit the Cavs because aside from the Celtics and the Cavs, Perkins also played for the Oklahoma City Thunder that still had Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and, James Harden all together and made it to the NBA Finals back in 2011. His experience in the Finals while playing around superstars will be a valuable help to the still-inconsistent Cavs who have to rely on LeBron James in most instances. 


While adding Kendrick Perkins doesn't guarantee another championship for the Cavs, his presence, both on and off the court, will be a big boost. Sure, Perkins is already at the near end of his playing career but that doesn't mean he cannot contribute. One way or another, Perkins in a Cavs uniform is a win-win decision for Cleveland. 



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