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Ross: June Mar Fajardo is the Best Player in the PBA. Ever

SMB Philippine Cup Champions
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Or at the very least, Fajardo is in the conversation of being the best ever

  • 6-time PBA champion
  • 4-time MVP
  • 2-time Finals MVP
  • 6-time Best Player of the Conference
  • PBA Defensive Player of the Year (2015)
  • PBA Most Improved Player (2014)
  • Among others...

If you are to look at the achievements that June Mar Fajardo has attained in the last  7 years that he has been playing in the PBA, then you'll agree with Chris Ross in saying that his teammate with the San Miguel Beermen does belong to the conversation of being the best player in the PBA, ever.

According to Ross, a Finals MVP himself, the reason why San Miguel has been able to dominate the PBA, especially in the Philippine Cup where the Beermen recently became the first team to win 4 consecutive Philippine Cup championships, is because of the Kraken himself. And frankly speaking, Chris Ross isn't wrong either, especially if you will look back at the performance of Fajardo back in the title-clinching Game 5 of the 2018 Philippine Cup Finals when San Miguel dug themselves a 23-point hole against the Magnolia until Fajardo came alive in the 4th quarter and in the two extra periods. The result: a 42-20 performance from Fajardo, another Finals MVP and another championship for San Miguel. 

Is Fajardo the best player the PBA has ever seen?

While Ramon Fernandez still owns the title as being the greatest player of all time owing to his 19 championships, June Mar Fajardo has already won 6. In fact, June Mar has already matched El Presidente's numbers of MVP and is expected to win MVP #5 this season. So yes, June Mar Fajardo is on his way to becoming the best PBA player, ever.

If there's one thing that hindering June Mar Fajardo from completely dominate the league, it's his selflessness- that is according to Chris Ross himself. We all know what Fajardo can do at will but he isn't that selfish and that explains why he has legions of fans. Fajardo has been known to give credit to everyone except for himself. That alone separates him from the rest of the pack. 


Only time can tell if Fajardo can break Ramon Fernandez's record of 19 PBA championships but given that no team in the PBA can beat the Beermen in a full 7-game Finals series, it's a matter of time now until Fajardo erases El Presidente's record. And yes, this pundit on wheels strongly believes that June Mar Fajardo may very be the best player that the league has ever seen once he retires. 



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