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The ROTY Debate: Ben Simmons versus Donovan Mitchell

It's more like a debate as to Ben Simmons should be considered as a rookie or not

We haven't seen a tight race for the Rookie of the Year award in the past years. Until now.

It's Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz against Ben Simmons of the streaking Philadephia 76ers.

And it's more than just about the stats, folks.

Apparently, Donovan Mitchell isn't fond of the rule which allows rookies who haven't played a single since they were first drafted due to injury. We have numerous cases like this. Remember the high-flying Blake Griffin? He missed his entire rookie season after getting injured prior to the opening night and he was considered a rookie in what was supposed to be his second year in the NBA. That's the same situation that Ben Simmons is on this season. He was out for two seasons after getting drafted by the Sixers in 2016.

And now, the word war between Mitchell and Simmons has gone down to another level when Mitchell wore a hoodie that has the dictionary meaning of the word "rookie" at the front.

Photo from the Jazz's official Twitter account

For his part, Ben Simmons said that he'd pick himself as the ROTY and that he saw no other rookies that caught his attention. Slightly unfair, right?

Is it time for the NBA to take a look at this rookie rule?

According to Donovan Mitchell, "true" rookies are the only ones who deserve to win the Rookie of the Year award. He also added that when rookies miss a season or two and still considered a rookie once he makes his debut, it ultimately gives that rookie the advantage because he has a season or two to prepare for his real rookie season- something that according to Mitchell is unfair to other hard-working rookies. 

Having said that, this pundit on wheels thinks that the NBA should consider taking another deep look at this rookie situation because frankly, it's like having an exam on a certain day and you will have 2 years to prepare for the exam which is for grade 1 for example. While getting injured has been a part of any sports for that matter, rookies should no longer be considered as rookies when their original rookie season is done. So frankly, Ben Simmons should be a third-year NBA player by now. 


While it's still hard to determine who between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons will win the ROTY this season, it's also hard to argue the fact that when it comes to the numbers, Donovan Mitchell has the upper hand but Simmons has done some impressive things, too. 

Prediction: Ben Simmons is the Rookie of the Year


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