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Bulls sign deal with Keith Bogans, you can forget about McGrady now

By Kurt Helin
Thumbnail image for bulls_logo.gifThe Bulls wanted a little more depth on the wing, someone who could stretch the floor.

Enter Keith Bogans, the former Spur who started 50 games for the team last year, signed a two-year deal with the Bulls. Bogans is a solid outside shooter (35.7 percent from three last year) who can be plugged in when needed and not get you a lot but not cost you a lot either. Solid deep bench guy. This is a two-year deal for $2.5 million, however only the first year is guaranteed.

What this really means is that talk of Tracy McGrady and a trade for Rudy Fernandez should die. Technically they could sign them, but it seems unlikely.

Bogans (or McGrady or Fernandez) will not get a lot of minutes Look at the Bulls backcourt now: Starting is Derrick Rose, and Ronnie Brewer, with C.J, Watson and Kyle Korver subbing them out. Bogans gets some minutes when then need a shooter and a token defender

McGrady would not have accepted that role. Fernandez complained about only getting 23 minutes a game last season in Portland, so while you could start him at the two or make him the first guard off the bench, then you are relegating solid players in Korver or Watson to few if any minutes. Are you willing to give up a first-round pick for that?

Bogans may be the best call. And he comes at a good price. 

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