By Ed de la Vega, DDS

Casino del Sol, Tucson, Arizona:- Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta, the most promising fighter amongst all the present day crop of Filipino gladiators, once again proved that he is one to reckon with in the 135 pound division.

Friday night in front of a near sellout and very loud crowd at the open air amphitheater of Casino del Sol, Gesta (19-0-1,9KO) toyed with his opponent, Genaro Trazancos (22-12-1, 13KO and finally knocked him out at .53 seconds of round 7.

Gesta started strong and appeared to be the more poised between the two fighters on the ring. When the fight started, Gesta immediately established the tone of the fight with his smashing body punches followed by pinpoint accurate head shots that drew huge reactions from the crowd.

Trazancos, to his credit tried to make a fight out of the match but was clearly having a very difficult time addressing the southpaw stance of Gesta. As the fight progressed, he increasingly had a hard time finding Gesta who displayed beautiful footwork.

Gesta repeatedly sidestepped to avoid the punches of Trazancos and delivered very quick counter punches that shook the gutsy Mexican fighter.

Gesta could have ended the fight as early as the 2nd round but pure guts allowed Trazancos to survive. The best shot that Trazancos delivered was not even a punch. It was an accidental head butt that caused a small bump and a tiny cut on the bridge of the nose of Gesta. The resulting minor inconvenience was quickly managed by Gesta’s corner, trainer Vince Parra and cutman Stephen Lunas and was a not factor in the fight.

Before the 7th round started, Parra instructed Gesta to go for the kill after sensing that Trazancos was already weak from the incessant body shots that Gesta rained on him in the two previous rounds.

As round 7 started Gesta maneuvered quickly and delivered a combination punctuated by a very hard straight left that landed flushed on the face of Trancanzos. Almost immediately Trazancos fell backward and his head hit the canvas with a thud. Gesta knew right away that his opponent was done and he run to the neutral corner and climbed the ropes before the referee even finished counting. Then he got down, turned around and watch seemingly amazed as the referee counted Trazancos out.

After a few minutes, with the help of the ring doctors and the staff, Trazancos got on his feet and slowly regained his senses.

After the fight back in the dressing room as Lunas was removing the tape around Gesta’s hands, Trazancos came in and through and interpreter said:- “Can you please ask these guys if they got the number of the truck that run me over”? . Filipino boxing fans first heard the statement from David Diaz as he met the press after Manny Pacquiao knock him out at Las Vegas.

According to Parra, Don Chargin has big plans for Gesta now. He plans to put him up late September or early October in San Diego against a yet un-named fighter. “ We have big plans for Gesta”, Chargin was quoted as saying to Parra.

Team Gesta proceeded back to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel a few miles from the venue after the fight to drop off their gear and enjoyed a late dinner. Early tomorrow, they will fly back to San Diego and celebrate amongst friends and family.


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