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powcastSasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova

Who said that Tennis player and basketball player cant help each other improve their game?

Well, Sasha and Maria seems to be doing that, they had been reported to be working out in Florida preparing for their respective tournament.

Maria had been practicing really hard and exerting effort to how to beat a ball real hard, while Sasha work on his shooting skill. of course these are not true, here is the truth and let me quote Sasha Instead. 

"It's interesting,'' Vujacic told FanHouse over the weekend. "She has helped me. We've helped each other, I think. As two pro athletes -- in different sports -- we both understand what the other is doing and going through, and what it takes to do well in what we do. She's working hard. I'm working hard. It's good together.''



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